4 Wheels of Fun for Everyone!


Summer is here and we are once again excited to catches people’s attention; turns heads and receives a lot of smiles. This unique four wheel quadricycle is a fun outdoor recreation that can enhance any event by adding a healthy activity while leisurely exploring an area and bringing people together.  It’s rapidly gaining popularity in our area for Festivals, Parades, Corporate Functions, Fundraising Events, Family Gatherings and Weddings.


At no cost to you, we provide a rental fleet, helmets, waivers and signage. Also, under a colourful tent, we sell bubble guns, bubble wands, bubble helicopters, pinwheels etc. All reasonably prices and targeted to children of all ages. Safety rules and maps can easily be customized for each location. Having said all that, we would like to set up a rental booth at your event for all who enjoy.