All in One Interactive Inflatable (II700E/M/E)


Our All-in-One Challenge interactive is a most adaptable inflatable that you can set up in different ways for multiple games and activities.
We can setup the three pieces together or we can take out the center unit and connect the two end pieces together as pictured above.
On the Side units we can attach and remove the jousting pedestals or you can attach the twister mat.
The center piece has velcro wall on both sides but if you prefer, we can attach the Rock Climb Liner on one or both sides. We can run the bungee cord through the center unit and have players on either side compete and try to score on the basketball hoops on the side units.
Just think of all the possible combinations this unit gives you! Players Jousting on one side while others play Twister in the other! or rockclimbers on one side and other playing Sticky Wall on the other! or simultaneous jousting matches on both sides or many other possibilities!
This inflatable unit will match events small or large!

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Dimensions: 55 x 24 feet, height 18 feet

Two dedicated power outlets needed. Two adult supervisors required.

Ask us about other options:

Basket Ball Bungee – can only use this game while using this option.
Jumper N/ C
Basket Ball Game Inflatable




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