Battle Ship Inflatable Game (IG915)


Battle Ship 5′ L x 11″ W x 8 ” h   Require 1 power circuit

Power required.

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Our new Inflatable Battleship takes the popular board game to a new dimension. How? Because our Inflatable Battleship is life-size. It’s the newest addition to our inflatable games products.

Hire it for your next interactive social or sports club event, birthday party, special celebration, or team building activity. It’s easy to set up and will offer loads of competitive fun to your event.

How to Play

The normal battleship game rules apply, except participants are on either side of a giant inflatable wall. You can make it a team event by having 2 or 3 players on either side of the wall. They can then decide tactics.

As you can see on the pics, each side has boxes depicting the “enemy ships” and “my ships”. The battleships are velcro based black strips under the “my ships” box. Participants have to decide where they will place their ships, without revealing where they are to the player on the opposite side. They then try to guess where the other enemy player has placed a ship. If the guess is correct then you have sunk that ship. The first player to “sink” all the enemy’s ships is the winner.