Bubble Foam LED Pit (IG823-FP)


20×20 bubble foam pit
Requires power.  A hose or tap is also required on site.

Grass setup Only!!!!
Bubble solution is safe for 99% of people. Having water to rinse however is recommend and not provided!

Please note all bubbles will be removed from pit at end of event onto setup area

Rental rent is $495 for one hour of bubbles. Extra bubbles $95 per bag approx 1 hour.

Bubble pack will last approx 1 hour but number of people and type of clothing as well as other factors can make bubbles last longer or less time frame.

This unit makes a great center piece to any outdoor Glow Party.

Allow we rent the 1 foam Cannon and 2 packs of bubbles with NO pit or enclosure.  You place a where ever your hearts desires. Please note we are not responsible for water or bubbles (foam) making a mess. Price $299 for day per foam Cannon.  Please ask about pickup options

***Check out our FAQ page for delivery information***


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Is foam safe?

  1. The powder foam solution is simply a surfactant. A foaming agent. The same foaming agent you find in toothpaste, shampoo, or shaving cream
  2. It simply makes bubbles.
  3. There aren’t any additives in the foam solution for scent or cleaning.
  4. The foam is safe on the eyes and throat. At the end of an event, simply rinse off with water and the solution is gone.