White Screen Flip Book Package

Flipbooks are a great way to engage your party guests, and leave them with a souvenir after the event is over!

How does it work?
Your guests choose from a wide assortment of props such as wacky hats and funny signs and then make their way in front of the camera. They then film a 7 second video which we turn into a flip book! Best of all, they each take one home to share with family and friends. Seeing as they fit in pockets, their portability ensures that even after the event, your party lives on.

Custom covers can be created for every event.

A minimum of 12×15 foot space with 2 electrical outlets is required.

The pricing below is for up to 2.5 hours. Extra hours are available for extra charge!

Comes with 2 staff that can do approx 45 printed books per hour.

Note: Out-of-town events, pricing for meals, travel and hotel will be added.

Package and pricing details are found below.

Please let us know if you prefer Card Stock Versus Photo Quality – Each option has different benefits and used completely different Technology and equipment!



Card stock option Photo paper option
Pages 50-60 Pages 27-32 Standard is 27 ( Still looks great!)
Quality More Grany than a photo Quality Photo Quality
Size 3.75 x 2 Size 3.25 x 2
Flipbook cover 7.5” across 2” high and .5” spine. Flipbook cover 6.5” across 2” high and .5” spine.
USB Video available to watch later USB No Video to watch after but to print pictures late from the video is 100 X better
Multiple prints Upgrade costs and can be reprinted after Multiple prints Can only be done at the time of captured image
Max prints per hour 40-45 Max prints per hour 40-45 But can upgrade to add more!
Photos Not an option Photos We can print individual 4×6 prints – Upgrade

Photo Quality verse Card Stock – Please Let us know which option at booking!

Books sizes are slightly different!