Complete ARCHERY Package 3 different Archery stations


Hover Ball Archery / Stick it Archery / Archery tag 3 of the hottest interactive game on the market!
3 complete games multiple people can be Robin Hood or Katness all at the same time…
The rental time frame includes a 2-hour package.
Our Staff or your Dedicated Operator(s) must be onsite at all times when any Archery game is being played!

Substitute the Hover Ball archery inflatable or Stick archery inflatable for Zombie Attack inflatable for $100 more!

You can be the next Robin Hood of your School, Church, Neighbourhood or Workplace when you rent our complete Archery Game Rental. These completely safe archery games can be played by up to multiple people at the same time!
This fantastic Archery Game Rental has been tested by our staff and is safe to play. When our staff delivers and sets up the rental equipment we give you a how-to-play and a complete walkthrough on each game.

Archery Game Rental can be set up on grass or cement (sorry no dirt or sand). But best inside a gym when doing the Archery tag!
We recommend 9 years to 99 but we have had younger players try and do quite well.


an electrical outlet(s) is required.

Staff costs:  $50 per hour.  Please book well in advance as you require dedicated operators with some background in archery and to use or add our staff.



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