Money Tunnel – Cash Cubes (GS2010B/R/G)


Great for trade shows, fundraisers, and other promotional activities. There are so many ways to make a money tunnel the highlight of your next event.

Fill it with coupons donated by local merchants or tickets that correspond to prizes. We can also supply play money that can be used to purchase prizes.

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Terrific rental for grand openings, banks, car dealers, promotional, sales events, DJ’s, company picnics, customer appreciations, prize incentives, etc…

As a Fund-Raiser:

“GRAB THE BIG BILL” RAFFLE: Use all play money except one real one hundred dollar bill.  Raffle off a ten second chance to get inside and grab the big bill.

COUPON GRAB: Have local businesses donate coupons to use instead of money.


Fill with one dollar bills and use a ten second grab as an incentive for your candy bar sale, magazine sale, etc.

As a promotion:

RADIO GIVE-AWAY: Team up with your local radio station for your next grand opening or sales drive.  Have the radio station give away ten second grabs on the air.  SERIAL NUMBER HUNT: Write down the serial number of one of the bills in the Money Tunnel.  Give away a prize for grabbing that particular bill.

Instead of money use …

Coupons donated by local merchants. Tickets that correspond to prizes.   Play money that can be used to purchase prizes.  Half play money, half real money.


Cash Wind Tunnels, Inflatable Cash Cube, Catch The Cash


The Vault is our newest Tunnel – Shown with USA $$$ not on this unit. Fun for Bank events, Trade Shows, Car dealers, Carnivals and  Sale events and more.