Carnivals for Kids at Heart

Bouncer Specials – pickup only

Weekend Pickup Specials

Option One: Choose 1 of the following units for $195

  • Bouncy castle with Slide
    Rainbow with Slide
Rainbow With Slide
Sports With Slide
Jr. Sports Jump House Combo 

Option Two: Choose 1 of the following units for $150

  • Castle Slide Rental
    Castle With Slide

Castle With Slide
Jungle With Slide

Option Three: Choose 1 of the following units for $130

  • frozen jump house
    Let the Fun Begin. Bounce all day in this 11x11 foot Moon bounce. Great back yard fun for your little princess.
Frozen Jump House
Princess Jump House
13x11 Jump House (Banner $10 not included)
Toy Story Jump House
The Little Mermaid Jump House
Cars Jump House

Option Four: Choose 1 of the following units for $100

  • Bouncer Rentals
    Star Jump House
12x8 Castle Jump House 
Star Jump House
Dream Castle Jump House
Sea Bounce Jump House
8x8 Mini Castle Jump House (Stair or No Stair Options)

Option Five: Choose 1 of the following units (plus toddler roller coaster) for $125

  • Batman rental
    Batman JumpOlene
8x8 Batman JumpOlene
8x8 SpongeBob JumpOlene
9x9 JumpOlene 
With toddler coaster

Option Six: Choose 1 of the following units  for $75

  • Spongebob bouncer
    SpongeBob JumpOlene
8x8 Batman JumpOlene
8x8 SpongeBob JumpOlene
9x9 JumpOlene

Have your kids JUMP with glee and you the parent rest and RELAX with a weekend inflatable bouncer house in your own back yard ALL WEEKEND!

Pickups are TBD week prior – usually Thursday and return Monday.
We provide you with stakes to secure the Inflatable and the Blower to inflate the fun house.
Add 90 foot cord $10
Add sandbags $2.50 per x 4
Add a dolly $20
Add any carnival game we have in stock for 50% off
Add a yard greeting Birthday Package for $35
Specials are for PICKUP and RETURN only at times stated by
*Times may change depending on the week.
 *No credit card payments for special discounts.
A Visa or MC needed to secure unit as well as a valid driver licence. Please ensure you have a large enough vehicle to transport.
Check us out at Twitter/ Facebook/Instagram for more weekly savings.
Book fast as these units will book very quickly..
Can not go outside if colder then 7 degrees.
Please note you will need a vehicle large enough and someone physically capable to move / setup / roll up.