Pac man Arcade Game Legacy Edition!(RC-104-S)


Product Description
Arcade machines stand at just under four feet tall and can be used without the riser (perfect for kids or seated gameplay) or easily placed on top to give the game an extra foot of height. Each gorgeous cabinet features a different classic arcade game. Button-mash your way down memory lane with immersive full-colour, high-resolution display and sound. True to form, these cabinets also mimic the classic arcade joystick and button configuration you remember.

Width: 19″ (48.3 cm)Height: 57.80″ (146.8 cm)Depth: 22.75″ (57.8 cm)

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Legacy Edition – 12 games in one!

1. Pac Man 2. Pac-Land 3. Pac-Man Plus 4. Super Pac-Man 5. Pac & Pal 6. Pac-Mania 7. Galaxian 8. Galaga 9. Dig Dug 10. Dig Dug II 11. Mappy 12. Rompers

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80’s Arcade game  Rental 1 for $295-$325  daily or 4  save money with 4 $995 – delivery extra

We have Galaga / Marvel Theme / Star Wars / Pac-man  / MK11 /  Street Fighter themed Games to choose from

Dimensions Width: 19″ (48.3 cm)Height: 57.80″ (146.8 cm)Depth: 22.75″ (57.8 cm)

No Knock-Offs Here: The game provides the only home arcade machines with officially licensed cabinet artwork and gameplay, plus exclusive controls for every game.

Real Feel Joysticks, Trackballs, Buttons & Sounds: Are you still #1 on the leaderboard? With controls based off the originals, it’s just like riding a bike.

¾-Scale Classic Arcade Cabinets: With simple assembly, these three-quarter-sized cabinets are large enough to comfortably play at, but not so large you can’t collect more than one.

Adjustable Volume: Play all night long without getting caught or crank the sweet sounds of victory all the way up.

Multiplayer Controls: Because good things are meant to be shared. And sometimes winning tastes better when someone else loses. *Excludes Star Wars™

17″ LCD Screen:Here’s one upgrade you’ll be glad of — a vibrant, high-resolution LCD screen. Trust us, the anachronism is worth it.

Play Seated or Standing : Use with or without the riser to expand your gameplay options. Take a seat or introduce younger kids to the classics when the cabinet rests on the floor, or raise it up. *Street Fighter is not available with riser.