Photo Magic Photos


Photo Magic
3 cool options…

1)Green Screen Photos:
Green Screen with many background themes or create your own theme. 4×6, 5×7, 6×8 are available.
Fast quality prints and a great keepsake for all.

2)Photo Flip Feature:
Two photos enter and 1 photo leaves as we like to say.
Photo Magic Photo Flip feature will take any 2 or more images you select and merge or interlace them together. The process takes just a few seconds and the printed output is affixed to our special Photo Flip frames.
The printout will come to life when inserted into our special Photo Flip frames. Tilt the frame up and you’ll see the first image. Now tilt it down and you’ll see the second image.

3)Photo 3D Feature:
Discover the secrets of 3D technology and what it can do for at your event!
Amazing Photo Magic 3D technology processes the captured image and is ready to print in 3 seconds! We just snap the photo of you and choose from our wide variety of backgrounds. Photo Magic blends your captured image and chosen background in a split second into a blended image that produces a 3-D effect when placed inside our special 3D frames.

Pricing options vary depending on the items chosen.
The base  ( green screen with prints ) price is $1899 for up to 2.5  hours but the sky is the limit when it comes to creating your own completely customized package. Key chains, snow globes, frames, 3D / Flip photos and more are available at an extra charge!  Delivery Fee Extra