Pylon Strike a Light Game (GS2032/GR962)



Kelly’s #1 pick! Every event we do we hear  “your right!!! BEST game ever”


Pylon Strike a Light Game: Volunteer(s): 1 How to Run: There are 3 different games to be played on the strike a light.

1. Light Hunter (Green): The spots randomly change colour between red and green. As the game progresses more and more sports are turned on. Get as many points as you can by hunting down spots in your own colour. 2. Steal the Light (Red): One red and one green spotlight up at random. If you touch a spot, both spots go out. Make sure you are always first, and get the most points.

3. Back to Base (Blue): All lights flash red. Select the red base spot. All lights flash green. Select the green base spot. The base to which you always have to return to is now set. There are 10 interactive themes to choose from. A theme is actually a combination of light, music, and sound. When a spot is touched a sound specific to the theme is heard. Rules: Cannot get wet.


Tent addon is best idea  for any outside event



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